10 May 2019

Oxtonic has made the shortlist at the Creative Retail Awards for the best pop up store. 

Oxtonic created a series of walk through experiences that truly embrace the fun of makeup, by making use of custom selfie pods, make up stations, pin boards and pick 'n' mix stations to showcase 'The Real Techniques' products. 

Innovative design of the space allowed visitors to interact with each product.

The pop up store engaged brand awareness by embracing the world of social media, encouraging visitors to post their experience on their favorite social media sites.  Visitors used the selfie pods and posed with the printed foamex brushes for some extraordinary selfies #goals 

We at Graphica, worked closely with Oxtonic to produce and install a range of prints, including, cut vinyl wall graphics, acrylic boxes, custom floor vinyls and foamex brushes. 


For any enquiries drop us an email at sales@graphicadisplay.co.uk 


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