Stencil Graphics

Graphica Display is only one of few graphics companies that still embrace the method of stencil graphics. We produce and install some of the most complicated methods.

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  • Graphica Display
  • Graphica Display
  • Graphica Display

For years more and more companies have stopped producing and installing stencil graphics favouring easier but not necessarily more effective digital methods. As you will see from the photos on this page, we can cut weed and prepare stencils in most patterns, then attend site to prepare and paint through these stencils onto most wall surfaces and up to any length of wall. For more information please contact us.

  • Pantone / RAL colour matching
  • Complicated Patterns / Designs
  • Low Tac Paint Masks to avoid wall damage
  • Varnish techniques
  • Full Site Surveys
  • Full Installation Services

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